All of our products are delivered within 7-10 working days, and are quality controlled at the factory before being transported and are checked again upon delivery. Our logistics are handled “in-house”, while our personalized service ensures that your project components are handled professionally, and arrive on time.

All of our fibreglass shells arrive with “touch-up” kits, so if you do happen to have a small nick or scratch during the course of your installation, a simple application in the correct batch colour ensures that your end result is always perfect!

Fibreglass Shells We Offer:

Alaska ~ 5m x 3m
Bon Aire ~ 5m x 3m
Boston ~ 5m x 3m
California ~ 2.8m x 3.3m
Cape Verde ~ 6m x 3m
Dakota ~ 8m x 3m
Dallas ~ 8m x 4m
Florida ~ 5m x 3.5m
Hawaii ~ 7m x 3.5m
Kentucky ~ 2m x 3m
Las Vegas ~ 3m x 4m
Mexico ~ 2.3m x 3.6m
Miami ~ 6m x 3m
Minessota ~ 7m x 3.5m
Nevada ~ 3m x 4m
New York ~ 6m x 3m
Onyx ~ 5m x 2.3m
Texas ~ 8m x 4m
Utah ~ 2m x 3.4m